Northside Baptist Church
Friday, March 27, 2015
To Be Used of God

Missionary Letters

I am a missionary!

I am a missionary.
I am being used of God to go into all the world
and preach the Gospel to every creature.
I have a tremendous task.
I am a missionary; yet the weakness
of the body does not slow me down.
I never get a headache.
I never have a cold.
I never get tired.
I am a missionary that knows no barriers.
I can reach into the homes
of the rich and the poor,
Into respectible homes and
into the places of ill repute.
The race or creed of a man does not restrain me.
Bars are not a barrier to me, nor are
the curtains of iron or bamboo.
I am a welcomed missionary.
Homes are open to me that would
never open to a preacher.
Ears will hear my message eagerly,
though they would never
go to an evangelical church.
I am an educated missionary.
I speak the language perfectly and
I speak so the professional can understand
as well as the uneducated.
I can approach every person
on his level of understanding.
I am an effective missionary.
I can reach more people at one time
than Paul reached in a lifetime.
I can cover more territory with the Gospel
in fifteen minutes than the average missionary
could cover in many months.
I am man-made ... but God-sent!